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Drake Brings Out Eminem While On Tour In Detroit

Well I guess that can settle any talk of the supposed “beef” between these two. What a joke of a storyline that was. One off the cuff comment from a Hot 97 host and the Internet ran with that one and pictures some 8 Mile shit with Drake and Em for absolutely no reason. Drake put all that nonsense to bed with an absolutely ELECTRIC move bring Em out in front of his home crowd. I mean that place went BANANAS. I’m a 31 year old white father and I got chills when he popped up through the stage and spit that verse. KMarko and I watched it last night and he said the same thing. It was like a WWF moment mixed with a big sports moment all rolled up into an unbelievable rap moment.

People dont really appreciate how fucking FIRE that song is either. Forever is one of the best collabs ever.