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Nathan Eovaldi Will Have Tommy John Surgery

When Eovaldi left the game in Boston, we knew it wasn’t good. Throughout the first inning his velocity was down a few miles per hour and during the second inning coaches were pointing at their elbows. Normally those two things combine to mean that you’re about to miss some time and probably a season.

Some Yankee fans have hated Eovaldi because of his results on the field but with 100mph stuff that lasts into the late innings, the promise was always there. If Eovaldi could just figure out how to through an effective splitter I really think he could be one of the top pitchers in baseball.

This could mean the end of his time in New York since he will be non-tendered and become a free agent. Cashman is high on Eovaldi so if he’s still the GM when 2018 comes around, resigning would be a strong possibility. It’s tough to lose a starter but this will create more opportunities for young guys to prove themselves and if Nathan can come back in 2018 with 100mph stuff and a strong third pitch, he’ll be in time for the new dynasty.

In all likelihood though this is the end of his time in pinstripes.