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Two Fat Guys Got Into A Fight That Deserves All The Fat Shaming You Can Possibly Drum Up


Fat shaming is one of those things that still doesn’t sense to me as an idea. Like yeah if there’s some little kid or high schooler who’s fat, bullying them over it until they want to die or shoot everyone is a bad idea. But we’re one of the fattest countries on Earth with astronomical diabetes rates and obesity-related insurance costs that get passed down to everyone to the tune of millions annually, we probably need more reminders that not being a big slob is better than the alternative for the most basic quality of life reasons.


And this video is just that. Two guys who can barely even stand without collapsing under their own mass, completely out of breath within seconds of any activity, and that dude in the wifebeater literally beached like a giant whale when he tripped over the curb, these two men completely embarrassed themselves. I mean this is what happens if you just eat and sit around and do nothing active and then one day you have to fight for your life and your body doesn’t even remember what motion feels like. It’s like some Nazi propaganda film on obesity except it’s real life. Seeing it should be a reason to cut out some carbs six days a week or cut portions in half, anything to not end up like these two Hindenburgs with hydrogen bombs for hearts. The whiny internet people who complain about fat shaming say they’re just as healthy, just as capable of doing various things and they’re not. You can’t be. These guys are like a cold splash of water to remind us that, yes, carrying an extra 100 pounds of flesh around isn’t all sunshine and roses and gout.