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Brazilian Reporter Creeps Out Olympic Champion Biles


Anytime you can creep out a multiple time Olympic champion by asking for a kiss you absolutely have to do it. I am surprised that this type of thing still happens.

Reporters have gotta know that they are going to get roasted. Hell, that’s not even a reporter thing. Asking for a kiss from a stranger is usually going to get the Simone Biles treatment. Same thing with dudes who love to bust out the “why dont you smile? you look mad.” Probably not gonna go well.

I feel like reporters should have to sign a :edit due to late night bourbon Joe Namath waiver for this type of thing. You must acknowledge that you understand any and all requests for kisses on camera are creepy as shit.

The video for this kiss request hasn’t been released yet but I’m almost certain that the video will look like Namath’s  infamous moment except that Simone Biles will be 4’6 and in a gymnastic leotard making the reporter’s question look even more ridiculous.