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Tim Tebow Has Started Autographing Bats and Balls Because You Know, He's A Baseball Player Now

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.10.03 PM


My goodness this is a brilliant move by Tim Tebow. What better way to convince the world you’re a baseball player than to start signing bats and balls?? It’s so savvy. He should outright refuse to ever sign a football again. Refuse to comment on Florida games. Just start spitting sunflower seeds and taking long bus rides to podunk cities like a true baseball player.

Is he actually a baseball player? Absolutely not. But as that saying goes, you need to dress for the job you want, not for the one you have. And that’s basically what ol’ Tebow here is doing. Only true baseball players sign baseballs and bats. Football players don’t do that. So by that metric, he’s a baseball player now.


PS: It’s still insane that instead of just playing some sort of Fullback/Tight End hybrid in the NFL he decided he wants to play baseball. He’ll play a few games for some independent league team, get that spot light he wants, and be back in the broadcast booth doing college football before we know it. However, I wish I had the confidence in myself that Tebow has. He legit thinks he is Bo Jackson, when he’s not even Drew Henson. I still root for Tebow though, because shit, why not?