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This Alabama Man Who Dresses Up As A Delivery Guy And Walks Out Of Every Grocery Store With All Their Beer Has Life All Figured Out

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ALPolice are searching for a Millbrook man, they say, poses as a delivery driver to steal cases of beer and soda from grocery stores.

Darrius Williams, 22, is described as being black, 5-foot 10 inches tall and weighing about 200 pounds, according to Central Alabama Crime Stoppers. He is wanted on four counts of theft of property.

Williams’ last known address is the 2600 block of Caroline Drive in Millbrook.

While wearing a delivery driver uniform, Williams enters stores with a cart and stacks it with cases of beer and soda, according to Crime Stoppers. Instead of restocking the shelves, though, he loads up his vehicle and leaves.

I feel like you watch one too many robbery movies and you forget that sometimes you don’t need some crazy elaborate plan to get a ton of free shit – you just need some common sense. I mean Inside Man and The Town and Point Break and Heat are awesome, but Darrius Williams needs to be mentioned right up there with the greats for this heist he pulled. Such a no brainer I can’t believe more people haven’t tried it sooner. Just dress up exactly like a delivery guy, walk into grocery stores, walk out with all their booze. Incredible.

And no surprise that he hasn’t been caught yet either – you think one single person working a day shit at the grocery store gives one single fuck about the delivery guys that come in and out? Who would ever think to stop and question an official looking dude wheeling a shit load of beer and soda on a push cart? Not until some supervisor or manager realizes they literally have no beer that they realize they should check the tapes, and by then, Darrius is long gone, probably in Mexico, Baja. Found a passport of his in Sumatra. Missed him by about a week in Fiji. A true criminal mastermind.