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The USA Takes A Commanding Gold Medal Lead In Banks Olympic Blog - Saturday August 13th

medal count 8-13-16


Hahaha this thing is quickly turning into a laughingstock. Those who thought that China could hang on the gold medal count… shame on you. The red, white, and blue always prevails. Four more gold medals were scooped by Americans on Friday, rounding out a dominant first week. Maybe the gold medals will simmer a bit now that the swimming and gymnastics are wrapping up, but let’s be honest, probably not. The heroes on Friday…


Katie Ledecky wrapped up a ridiculous Olympic performance with her 4th gold medal of this Olympics in the 800m freestyle. It was a complete blowout, and that’s an understatement.


ledecky WR


She only broke her own world record by almost 2 seconds, which she continues to break over and over and over. I feel like I’m watching Babe Ruth break his own single season home run record every year. Nobody’s touching her for a looooong time.

ledecky records


Just ridiculous

Swimming - Women's 800m Freestyle Final


Anthony Ervin won the 50m freestyle gold at age 35, which makes him the oldest Olympic swimming champion in history. In my opinion, the 50m freestyle is the ultimate race because it’s just so damn simple. First to the other side of the pool wins. No turns, no fluff. Just a flat out competition to see who’s the fastest. That man is 35 year old Anthony Ervin. Bravo.


Maya Dirado has been the underdog story for the Americans in the pool, and continued her hot streak by winning the 2oom backstroke gold over the seemingly untouchable Katinka Hosszu. Even mid-way through the race, Hosszu looked untouchable, but Dirado was able to catch her in the last few meters.

Michelle Carter won the first American gold medal in the shot put


On the disappointing side, Phelps finally got taken down in the 100m butterfly by Joseph Schooling. Can’t win em all I guess. Pretty wild that Phelps tied two others for Silver though, including that turd Chad. What a bizarre photo.



Women’s soccer was upset by Sweden, and Hope Solo has been getting hammered for her postgame comments saying the better team didn’t win. Given the Swedish captain’s IQ, she might be on to something…



Oh yes, we’ve taken the bike wipeouts indoors






Here’s the most honest postgame interview you’ll ever hear




Today’s Olympic Smoke is none other than Estonian heptathlete Grit Sadeiko


grit 2


grit 3

grit 4

grit 5


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