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Matt Holliday Fractured His Thumb Getting Hit By A Pitch Last And The Cubs/Cards Rivalry Is Heating Up

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I should actually clarify, the Cubs/Cards rivalry is heating up as much as a second place team THIRTEEN games back can make something heat up but I digress. Last night was another one of those games that just felt a little different. Tension high, weird shit happening including Chris Coghlan with the most improbable hit of all time (maybe he should do this more often)



David Ross getting a 2 out bunt single to take the late lead, and an extra innings win for the good guys on a ball that was a strike. See guys? I can agree when calls go our way and umps throw out a suspicious wink after the game. I would be bullshit if that went the other way, I openly admit that.







So now we go to today and this entire weekend set. Do the Cardinals retaliate for Matt Holliday getting hit? Do we see some benches cleared? Do any Cardinal fans realize that you don’t intentionally hit a guy in the 10th inning of a tied baseball game? I don’t know but I fucking love every second of it. When these two teams hate each other like they do right now baseball is so much fun. And it also doesn’t hurt that the Cubs are absolutely ROLLING with 10 straight wins. Go ahead and tell me they won’t win anything in October, that’s fine, I know we’re a long way away and there is a ton of baseball left to be played, but being a fan means enjoying the ride, and I’m enjoying the hell out of this one. Mmmmmm!