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We're Bringing The Grit Into Banks Olympic Blog - Friday August 12th

medal count 8-12-16

Smell ya later China! What a dominant day for the USA. 5 gold medals to jump out to a commanding gold medal lead. In fact, in addition to having more golds than anyone else, the Americans have more silver medals than anyone else has golds OR silvers. We’re our next best competition. On to the dominance…


The headline event of the night was Phelps vs. Lochte in the 200m IM. Predictably, Phelps blew the competition away to win his 4th straight gold in this event, and 22nd gold overall. It really wasn’t close.


CBC bungling the call was hilarious though

Of course this already exists

phelps tattoo


Probably the coolest moment of the night was watching Simone Manuel steal the gold in the 100m freestyle. It may have been a tie for gold,  but her name popped up first so she wins in my book. She’s the first African-American to win an individual gold in the pool, and her reaction when she saw her time was awesome




Ryan Murphy took the gold in the 200m backstroke, giving him a clean sweep of the backstroke events in Rio.


Simone Biles took home the all-around gold in gymnastics. I don’t know much about gymnastics, but um… this looks good





And lastly, Kayla Harrison defended her Judo gold medal from London


Damn that’s a lot of gold… on to the fun stuff.


THIS is the face of Grit.



Another ridiculous ping pong rally, this one coming from the men


Justin Rose dropped in the first hole-in-one in Olympic history


Fabian Gomez with the slam dunk


Who says chivalry is dead?




If this is common, forgive me, but I found this serve strategy by the Italian beach volleyball team to be equally ridiculous and awesome


Today I’m watching the king of the obscure/ridiculous sports… racewalking. 1:30 ET. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Have yourself a little taste


Tonight we get some more Phelps-Le Clos drama in the 100m butterfly final. Believe it or not, Le Clos is still trying to get under Phelps’ skin, even when it’s mid-interview


Bring that weak shit again meat

phelps 3



Today’s smoke by popular demand is Aly Raisman, who took Silver behind Biles in the All-Around


aly 4

aly 5

aly 6

aly 3

Aly 2

aly 1