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If It Rains Tomorrow The Yankees Should Still Cut ARod

20AROD1-master675If tomorrow’s Yankee game gets rained out, the team should still cut Alex Rodriguez. I’m going to write another article that fans should cheer for him but if the game gets rained out, he still needs to be released. As much as everyone on Sunday tried to portray this as an emotional retirement, ARod is being cut because The Yankees don’t think he is good enough to play at the major league level anymore and should stick to that plan.

We all need to admit that if Alex was a normal player, he would’ve been cut weeks ago. There would be no week leading up to his last game and fans wouldn’t be complaining that he wasn’t getting more playing time than he is. Aaron Hicks has worse stats but has value to the team as either a trade piece or as a player under team control that they hope can turn it around. If Alex could play the outfield maybe he would get those at-bats but at the same time if he could the field at all, he wouldn’t be getting cut.

People also need to understand that Alex Rodriguez is not anywhere close to the level of Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera in the eyes of The Yankees. Alex didn’t spend his whole career in New York, made a ton of money here and only won a single World Series. Fans should appreciate his on field contributions but the organization paid him to do a job and are making the right decision to walk away. These last at-bats are a gift and this process should not continue if the rain has other plans and there are a few reasons why.

  1. It’s time to call up guys from AAA: If you haven’t been paying attention, our AAA can rake. They’re 74-43 as a team with a bunch of guys ready to get the call and contribute at the big league level. The most likely candidates to get the call on Saturday are Judge and Austin, and to make those guys wait any longer because a guy batting .203 wants a few more at-bats would be ridiculous. These guys have earned their chance and Alex has not earned the right to keep his spot.
  2. The 1996 Team: Saturday The Yankees are honoring the 1996 championship team. Former players are coming from all over to be a part of this ceremony that will start at 11:30 and it is going to be an exciting time. Fans will be able to remember the beginning of the dynasty that was built in a similar way to how our future is being built. To take away from the accomplishments of those former players by also honoring Alex would be a slap in the face. A lot of those guys probably don’t like Alex and would take offense to him being honored during the same game.

As of now the forecast calls for thunderstorms in the afternoon into the evening and with summer heat it could get bad. I’ve enjoyed having Alex as a Yankee but this circus needs to end Friday night, rain or shine.