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People Want NBC To Get Rid Of The Underwater Women's Water Polo Camera Because Of Nip Slips

Olympics - Previews - Day -2


Someecards – It might be time for NBC to retire the underwater camera it uses for women’s water polo. During yesterday’s live coverage of an Olympic match between the U.S. and Spain, the underwater camera accidentally captured a player’s bare breast and aired it on television for the world to see.


First: Here’s the pic and it’s technically NSFW. But I happened to see complaints about NBC’s underwater camera for women’s water polo working its way through my Twitter feed in the last day after Deadspin posted an article saying that NBC should consider getting rid of the underwater camera to protect the women’s bodies (conveniently with video of the chick’s tit being pulled out and a link to another video of a water polo chick’s tit being popped out, funny how that works). But overall I don’t see the big deal here and it seems like another situation where the whiny internet is trying to impose their own views on everyone. I’m sure none of these women want to be exposed on camera but I think they’d much rather have people be able to see their sport in the full, aggressive, brutal way it’s actually conducted instead of some homogenized view to prevent one nip flying out every 100 games. The underwater camera in water polo shows why the sport is one of the most difficult around, not only forcing yourself to stay above water but also competing underneath with the kind of hand play that NFL linemen normally deal with. It’s extremely difficult and impressive and the Olympics are the one time most of the world gets to witness it in all its glory, something all these women have worked for almost the entirety of their lives. But yeah, let’s shit all over that because you think her life is ruined by one second of her nip being out there without her uttering a single complaint. Totally makes sense.


Plus we seem to have mostly moved past wardrobe malfunctions as a society and I’m personally not ready to see that die. Remember when Paris Hilton would go out with no underwear or Lindsey Lohan’s nip would pop out like all the time? It was a simpler world then, wardrobe malfunctions serving as mutually beneficial exchanges of attention for seconds of nudity. Now girls can post their butts on Instagram or leak a video blowing a guy, I don’t know. Call me old fashioned if you must but it’s nice to see the art that is the nip slip living on somewhere in this crazy workaday world. Free the inadvertent nipple.