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Who Is On Your Mt. Rushmore Of Most Productive Weed Smokers





So I fired this tweet off last night after Phelps got his 21st gold medal in the Olympics. Mt. Rushmore of productive weed smokers. Now I know probably every athlete in the world has smoked at one point or another but I’m limiting it to people we absolutely know did. Every time I smoke weed I laugh, watch a movie, listen to some Grateful Dead or Phish and eat far too many Doritos. I’d say most people have a similar experience. If you’ve ever purchased weed in your life, not just casually smoked at a party, my guess is you aren’t exactly the “super motivated” type of person. So who is on your Mt. Rushmore of weed smokers that accomplished great things. I’m sticking with Phelps, I’m adding Barack Obama, I’m sticking with Snoop Dogg, and I’m replacing Bob Marley with that friend everyone has that cleans too much when he gets high. You know the kid. Gets high and starts organizing a bunch of shit and gets super productive. That guy always weirds me out but he’s definitely on the Mt. Rushmore of productive weed smokers. So who you got? Lot of good names to choose from. Bob Marley. Josh Gordon, Joe Rogan, Bill Maher, Willie Nelson, Bill Clinton (definitely inhaled).





This headline is something out of another dimension. 2009 before weed became basically legal in all of the US. A CANNABIS PIPE! GASP!


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