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You Might Be Having A Tough Day But At Least A Sewage Truck Didn't Explode And Cover Your Car In Human Shit


This guy. This guy right here


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.22.10 PM



Worst day of his entire life. In the blink of a brown eye. He didn’t do anything wrong either. Just minding his own business. Sitting in traffic. Maybe bumping some Adele. Then BAM. Human poop and piss allllllllll over his car. Sucker punched by turds. It all happened so fast. Can you imagine if the people in that car had their windows down though? That’s the only way it would’ve been worse. For entertainment purposes I kinda wish his windows were down but whatever. I also don’t envy the unsuspecting people who cross that street and think it’s just mud. Hey chucko, that doesn’t smell like mud.