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If You Don't Have A Dude Shower In Your Golf Bag Then You're Not Doing Golf Right




As many of you know, last week at the Travelers Pro/Am I caddied for new Stanley Cup champion Nick Bonino. It was  great time highlighted by fucking up the range finder and telling Bonino it was 240 to the pin when it was actually 170, meeting Ray Allen’s caddy who chews on an unlit cigar all day and screams at the ball all day, Bonino making the case that being a bad golfer is more fun than being a good golfer (“Who wants to go fairway to green to one/two putt all day? Where’s the fun in that? No memorable shots come from the middle of the fairway.” Honestly a very strong point), and simply learning that Ray Allen is an unreal golfer with, believe it or not, the smoothest stroke you’ll ever see (he shot a 71 and beat the pro in our group, John Senden). We also followed around Keegan Bradley on Thursday and helped him make a little noise on his way to a top-25 finish.



But, as great as all that was, the best part was undoubtedly the revelation that a Dude Shower is a must for any golf bag. You need balls, tees, markers, beers, and a Dude Shower. You’re out in the sun all day, “exercising,” and sweating your dick off and then what? You’re gonna go get drunk in the clubhouse while stinking? Not so fast, my friend! Keep that Dude Shower handy and as soon as you wrap up 18 you clean yourself off and walk up to the cart girls looking fresh as shit. It’s an absolute no brainer. I played Friday and made sure I didn’t leave the house before grabbing one. If you’re going to be outside before getting drunk then you’d be a fool not to pop one in the bag so you can still pick up the ladies while looking pretty dorky in your golf ensemble.



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