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If You Are An Olympic Gymnast In Rio, You Better Watch Out For Those Lurking Photographers

As if trying to avoid every way to die ever in Rio wasn’t enough, now it looks like Olympians need to watch out for creepy ass photographers snapping candids. Yeah you can tell me this guy has credentials or whatever. But how hard is it really to sneak into an Olympic event in fucking Rio? Everything you read about is how shit is disorganized as fuck down there. All you probably have to do to get into an event as a photographer is buy a vest like McLovin wore in Super Bad from some Rio thrift shop, steal a fancy camera from an unsuspecting journalist, and print out a fake credential on a printer. Finding a color printer in Rio is definitely the hardest part of that entire equation.. So please keep those heads on a swivel, ladies. Because if not, one minute you can be doing cartwheels on a balance beam and the next you will be in a vacant apartment in Rio with candid pictures of you taped everywhere while some random dude tries to figure out how he can wear your skin.

h/t Tim