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Rick Reilly Makes A Pretty Good John Daly Joke While Tweeting Out My Paige Spiranac Blog


I think all of the internet agrees that Rick Reilly is a crazy person nowadays. He’s just flat out lost it. His tweets either consist of pocket tweets or some WILD shit about Kate Upton having three boobs. But I gotta admit, that John Daly joke had a little heat on it. It’s not a great joke but it’s surely a good one. I love the edginess of BFD. Look at you, Rick! Maybe this is the tweet that gets Rick Reilly’s groove back. It most certainly won’t be but I’m more than happy that my blog about Paige Spiranac hitting a golf ball outta her boobs brought out the best in Ol’ Rick.


PS- On a different not, if you had told me years ago that Backpage Sports Illustrated/Hate Mail From Cheerleaders Rick Reilly was gonna read (and share) something I wrote I would’ve shit my pants. I don’t feel the same about 2016 Rick Reilly but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.