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The FDA Has Approved A Plan To Use Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes To Fight Zika In Florida

NBC 2- The FDA has cleared Oxitect to test their genetically-engineered mosquitoes on an island in the Florida Keys. On Friday, the FDA announced its approval for a field trial to use the genetically-engineered mosquitoes in the Florida Keys to evaluate the effectiveness in reducing the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that carry Zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya. The FDA said the trial would not have a significant negative impact on human health or the environment.

The decision comes at a critical time. So far, there are 15 cases of locally transmitted Zika in Florida. Oxitec said their friendly Aedes is a genetically-engineered male mosquito that cannot bite or transmit diseases, and its resulting offspring die before maturation. Oxitec said they have already conducted successful field trials in Brazil, Panama and the Cayman Islands, each of which led to a greater than 90 percent reduction in the Aedes aegypti population.

Why are people in important positions some of the stupidest people in the world? Apparently nobody in the FDA has ever watched an action or horror movie before. How many times have we seen the solution to a problem in a movie be to make mutant versions of the problem, only to see the entire plan backfire when the mutants revolt and join the brothers in arms to fight against the humans? I feel like we have seen this with dinosaurs, monkeys and a bunch of other animals. Hell, you can even lump robots into the mix. And don’t give me that scientific mumbo jumbo about males not biting. Dr. Ian Malcolm said it best:

These mosquitos are also probably the final piece of the puzzle in Florida. That place has been so fucked up for so long, I bet there is a warm weather version of the White Walker army assembling right now. They are a bunch of crazed meth heads riding giant gators. And now with mutant mosquitoes being dropped into the swamps during this Zika outbreak, they have the aerial assault they need to launch a massive offensive against the rest of the country. Great work FDA, you fucking dopes.