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A Teen Streaming Himself Hiding In His Girl's Closet While Her Dad Searches For Him Is The Most Suspenseful Movie Of The Summer


High drama if you stick with this whole video, just so much suspense as you watch shadows slink around and hear various angry n-bombs muttered in the distance. I feel like this is the moment a million movies try to capture and sleight of hand viewers with using music and ambient noise but this was the real life equivalent, just eyes staring into this kid’s eyes and then out in relative horror. And then all of a sudden the kid starts singing “It Wasn’t Me” and I loved it so much. I mean that’s the showmanship I want in these Facebook Live videos that are popping up all the time now as people film shit that should probably never everrrrr be filmed. Under normal circumstances where you’re not livestreaming this situation, you sit there in silence, maybe take off your bright white shirt to camouflage a little, and the situation passes without incident. But in a Facebook Live video, I want drama, I want comedy, and I want an exciting climax. This video delivered all of that and then some. A+, would let this kid have sex with all of your daughters again and maybe tackle the Trapped in the Closet anthology next.


Though for the record the ending was a little suspect since that didn’t sound exactly like the fists of vengeance from a dad raining down on a kid hiding in his daughter’s closet. But frankly I don’t have a ton of closet altercations to compare it to so I’m going to be positive and choose to believe that a grown man broke a teenager’s ribs and that’s how it sounds. It’s called optimism, try it with me.