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Gotta Love This Grown Man Crushing Cotton Candy At The Phillies Game

Holy Toledo. Why, yes, it is an art form. Let the Grandpa eat. And it’s in good taste, too. He’s not going to get embarrassed a la a Costanza devouring ice cream at a Tennis match. Nope. This is as classy as a senior citizen eating a food nobody above the age of 7 should touch as it gets. Good for him. At least it was more entertaining than anything going on with the Phillies at that point (until they came back and won on a walk off in extras, of course). Also, girl in front, stop looking downright miserable. You’re watching a baseball game for Christ’s sake, not the Holocaust.

Gramps still can’t compare to the lord of the stadium eats, Popcorn Guy. This man belongs in a museum.

h/t CB