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The Nicest Thing Ever Said About Tom Brady Is That He Pulls This Tie Off




I wasn’t around social media much yesterday, save for my own posts, but last night I was browsing through and checking to see who did and did not wish him a happy birthday. You know, so I can know who to start hating and who’s still on my good side, normal stuff. Things totally normal people do. Anyway, I stumbled upon Tom’s own Facebook post (where he admittedly pulled a pretty smooth “Michael Scott” by wishing someone else a happy birthday in order to remind everyone that it’s his birthday) and immediately went on a roller coaster of emotions. That tie is HORRIFIC, I thought. Top five, dead or alive, ties. Easily. It’s dumb thicc, the knot is tiny, and the print is downright ghastly… but somehow he looks magnificent.



This is a man who’s been heaped with praise for two decades and that’s the nicest thing ever said about him, bar none. Tom Brady makes that tie work. He’s got the bone structure in the twinkle in his eye that makes you say, “Get me a barrel! That tie is going to make me puke… yet I can’t look away from him.”