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The Canadiens Abandoned PK Subban, But He's Not Abandoning Montreal. Especially Not The Children's Hospital

“Just because I have a new address doesn’t mean that my commitment to you is going to change one bit.” Goddamn it’s dusty in here right now.

It’s been over a month now since the Montreal Canadiens traded PK Subban to Nashville for Shea Weber. And I still have trouble trying to figure out just what in the fuck they were thinking. You can debate the merit of the Subban for Weber trade from a hockey standpoint alone until you’re blue in the face. And sure, the NHL is a business and sometimes tough decisions need to be made for businesses to grow. I get that. But off the ice and outside of the rink, there’s no denying what a huge loss to the city of Montreal this was. PK Subban has given everything to that city and has made it his life’s mission to help all these kids deal with things that are much much bigger than the game of hockey. $10 million donations. Countless visits. So much time and effort and money. I understand that the Canadiens didn’t want somebody who was always still smiling after losses and never seemed to get too down on hiself when the team didn’t succeed. But it’s that same type of positive energy that Subban brings to hockey that he brought to the kids at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. And it’s that same type of positive energy that makes the world of difference to these kids and keeps them fighting their battles.

It would have been so easy for PK Subban to feel scorned by this trade and just turn his back on Montreal after all this. But that’s not the type of person he is. He’s not a complete bag of shit like Marc Bergevin. He’s not a worthless bastard like Max Pacioretty. He’s a player and a man who is comfortable with who he is, and won’t let anybody change that. So now he gets to be that player that he wants to be in Nashville while also keeping the promise he made to all of these kids in Montreal. It’s the best case scenario for him really. Especially now that he gets to play for a competent coach, an organization that actually appreciates him, guys like Josi and Ellis on the blueline and plenty of offensive talent.

P.S. – PK Subban hosted his “Just For Laughs Gala” the other night. A comedy show that raised $130,000 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. And from the looks of it, it turned out to be more like the Comedy Central Presents the Roast of the Montreal Canadiens.