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The Two Pimps Coaching Their Hoes In A Fight Has An Extended Director's Cut Video That Somehow Tops The First


Warning: Might be a little NSFW at parts with wardrobe malfunctions


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A couple weeks ago I blogged a shorter version of this video and frankly didn’t think there was any way I could get more enjoyment out of it than I did initially. That first video ended at about 1:30 in, seemingly petering out with the girl in the pink dress kind of defeated but not really. BUT NOPE SO MUCH MORE! In the director’s cut above we get to hear the dudes review the first fight (“Hoes out here getting money and TAKIN LIVES” is a a fantastic line) and way more from the one Migos-looking pimp arguably being the greatest manager/hype man in sports and entertainment. I mean honestly this might be my favorite fight video ever (and now a top contender for my Internet Fight of the Year award). Pink dress getting ragdolled because “all she got is weight” while her less-charismatic pimp encourages her to “get that fat ass up” really summed up the bevy of Ls she caught on this day. You do not cross a Compton ho no matter where she’s been imported to. Now we all know that.


Honestly though after seeing how that all shook out again, I’m baffled that the other working class-looking pimp didn’t have his girl more ready for this. That dude seemed like a real fucking problem and you could tell he was disappointed that she couldn’t hang on his behalf. This girl either needs a training montage ASAP to live up to the pimp’s standards or he’s got to send that chick back to Professor Oak and get some Hooker Candy in return, try to power up the next Hokémon in line to get his dignity and turf back.


(h/t DailyCruise, Worldstaruncut)