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Sleep Number Bed Lacks Ethics

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I’m infuriated by this poll. I believe in ethics and responsible questions. It’s honestly one of the biggest reasons why I signed with Barstool because I know that we wouldn’t pull this shit.

You can’t lob can-of-corn questions up like this with only one really obvious answer.

The scale is just so varied that it can’t be taken seriously. 65, 75, 85 or other? What the hell is that? It’s too broad. It’s too obvious.

If you don’t chose 65 degrees on that scale, you can never sleep in the same room as me. Period. No one in their right mind should ever chose to sleep in 85 degree heat. The moment you lie down you start sweating your dick off. Your sheets get all matted to your back and you start grunting and groaning. That nighttime shower you took is worthless because your crotch is starting to smell like Louisiana, and it’s still before 2am. Now you aren’t getting solid sleep and you have to wake up early to shower again. Just brutal.

Even if you do have a fan, the fan doesn’t blow under the sheets, so it’s still hot in there, but if you remove the covers your body hair is swaying violently in wind, which is distracting.

75 degrees isn’t the wave either because it’s still too damn warm, but I understand people picking 75 degrees because you can blast a fan in the room with 75 degrees and make it work. Budgets are important; going below 75 degrees can wreck your utility bill in a heartbeat.

The only real options are 75, 72, 69 and 67. I refuse to believe anyone pays the electric bills on anything lower than 67 unless you have a window unit or something. Im a 69-degree dude with the fan on full-blast.