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This Dude Cutting His Toe Nails On A Bus Is An Absolute Monster






This is something I’ve been hoping to get off my chest for quite some time and I can’t think of a better opportunity than right now: if you cut your nails, any of them, anywhere but the bathroom then you’re a fucking MONSTER who doesn’t deserve to walk this earth among us civilized folk. You belong in a cage. A cage inside of a zoo where people can come throw rotten vegetables at the fucking animals that live there. I don’t care if you cut them in the living room, in your bedroom, or on public transportation…. you’re a stain on the goodname that humans have made housebreaking ourselves. Cut your fingernails over the sink, cut your toenails over a barrel or maybe over the toilet. That’s IT. That’s the only acceptable way to live. No one wants to live among toenails and you’re no different than a caveman if you cut them anywhere but the bathroom.



PS – Having said all that, the bus is the bus. If you ride that shit then you’re kinda signing a social contract that says, “If you want to scratch my cornea with a flying big toe nail then I accept. Also you can masturbate on me, because people who ride the bus are looking to get demeaned worse than a pornstar on a bukkake set.”