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PETA Wants Andrew "Beef" Johnston To Change His Nickname To Tofu

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Sportal- “Beef” might be the best nickname in sports right now, but the animal-rights organization wants Andrew Johnston to change it. Andrew Johnston has gained droves of fans for his amiable personality, good golf and the best nickname in sports. Yet, “Beef” doesn’t have support from everyone regarding his catchy nickname.  Johnston, who has cuts of meat engraved in his wedge, was asked by PETA U.K. on Tuesday to give up red meat and become a vegan.  “Like many others, we’ve been enthusiastically following your career, and we thought we’d send you a gift of delicious vegan steaks and burgers in the hope that you’ll consider adopting a kinder, healthier vegan lifestyle, which would pave the way for a new nickname: Andrew “Tofu” Johnston. “Your new nickname would also raise awareness of the urgent need to move towards a cruelty-free lifestyle to offset the worst effects of climate change. According to the United Nations, animal agriculture is ‘one of the top two or three most significant contributors’ to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.”



Only PETA. Only PETA could take a situation like a lovable, likable, carefree bearded golfer and turn it into a negative. Or like running up on an innocent smut blogger who’s just trying to scarf down as many hot dogs as possible. PETA and their legion of followers are the ultimate wet blankets. How about you guys keep your eyes on your own paper for once? That’d be nice for a change. You don’t eat meat and that’s fine. That’s your choice. It’s a crazy choice, but it’s your choice nonetheless and I respect it. However, me and the rest of the world like to gnaw on the bodies of dead animals who were kept in captivity against their will. We’ll own that (AKA completely ignore that’s happening cause cheeseburgers and steaks are SO GOOD). That’s our cross to bear. Not yours. Asking Beef Johnston to change is nickname to Tofu is ripping away his entire identity. Get lost.



Beef responds


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Hey PETA let me translate that for you


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