Here We Have Cara Delevingne Pointing Out Where Margot Robbie's Nipples Are And Calling It A Skill



Good news and bad news situation here. Good news first. We just got to watch a smoking hot girl (Cara Delevingne) feel up another smoking hot girl (Margot Robbie) and then another hot girl and then another hot girl. That was awesome. I’ll watch hot girls pinch each other’s nipples until I’m dead and gone. That’s how I want to spend my twilight years actually. Just lots of nipple pinching between smokes. Bad news next and it’s really only bad news for Cara Delevingne. That’s not a skill, Cara. It’s just not. It’d be one thing if everyone’s nipples were in different places on their body. If nipples were just randomly placed on a human body without rhyme or reason, then it’s a skill. Some nipples on the feet. Some on the back. Maybe an elbow. But they’re not that way. All nipples are generally located in the exact same area so they’re easy to spot. It’d actually be more impressive if a person wasn’t able to point out a person’s nipple. Again, I liked watching Cara feel up Margot. No complaints but that’s not exactly a super power.