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Cops Pulling People Over And Giving Them Ice Cream Cones Is Your Feel Good Video Of The Day

HALIFAX, Va. — It is always a nerve-wracking experience when you get pulled over by police. Sometimes you know you were speeding and just get busted. Other times, you may have no idea you were doing something against the law. Such was the case this week in Halifax, Virginia where Police Chief Kevin Lands and Officer Brian Warner pulled over drivers for violating vehicle code — otherwise known as driving on a hot day without ice cream. The pair recorded one such traffic stop and the result should bring a smile to your face.



You know what has the power to heal the wound between black people and police in this country? Nope it’s not protests or politicians or rallies or education or any of that shit. It’s ice cream. That’s all it takes. Ice cream solves every single problem under the sun. Show me a problem that ice cream can’t solve. You can’t. What’s the longest standing beef going right now? Probably Sunnis and Shiites? I couldn’t know less about their centuries-long war but I can gurantee if one side showed up to a negation one time and was like, “Y’all want some ice cream?” that the war would end right then and there. Ice cream solves all problems. Did you see the sigh of relief from those people in the car when the officer whipped out the cones? Incredible. They were for sure thinking they were gonna end up on the evening news. And they did but for the best reason. I’m telling you. If you have any longstanding argument with a family member or friend, just show up to their house with an ice cream cone and a hug. Bless up.