Team USA Clowned Draymond Green For Mistakenly Snapchatting His Dick



Nothing like Draymond Green creating a media firestorm at the Olympics from Hell because of some dick shenanigans. So now we get to see if Draymond can ruin the championship dreams of two stacked teams because he is more obsessed with dicks than Jonah Hill’s character in Superbad. All NBA players have their weakness. Michael loved gambling. Magic loved pussy. Larry loved French Lick. Draymond clearly has a love/hate relationship with dicks. The easiest way to end all this tomfoolery was for Draymond to say he was going dicks out for Harambe. Easy as pie and all the drama goes away. But instead he pulled the I was hacked card, which was clearly bullshit, even if Draymond would like you to believe that his passwords have always been 1234.

Before admitting the truth.

I mean when Boogie Cousins is clowning you for something you said on social media, you know you done fucked up. Even though I will say that NBA players probably have to be the best dick pic Snappers in the world, right? Life on the road filled with groupies has to make you a Snapchat pro. That’s probably the hardest part of all this for Draymond. Sending a dickpic to your Snap Story has to be like missing a wide open layup with nobody within 30 feet. These guys are all probably ringing the Game of Thrones shame bell behind him to and from practice.

And shout out to Melo for going from angry old man Melo

To protect ya dick, young gun Melo
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in the matter of a few days. Olympic Melo is truly Bizarro Melo. Even when Olympic Melo catches an L, he somehow turns it into a W.