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Brandon Marshall Bets Antonio Brown His Porsche That He'll Have More Receiving Yards This Season

TMZ - Now that Ryan Fitzpatrick has reportedly re-signed with the Jets, Brandon Marshall is getting all sorts of cocky … betting HIS PORSCHE that he’ll have more receiving yards this year than Antonio Brown.  The NY Jets wide receiver took to social media to issue a very expensive challenge to his Pittsburgh Steelers rival.  “If you have more receiving yards than me, I’ll give you the Porsche … if I have more recieving yards than you, then you gotta give me the Rolls-Royce.”

Gonna be a real difficult task for Brandon Marshall. I mean I dont even know how hes gonna do it. How is he gonna decide between driving his Porsche and his Rolls Royce? Thats a very difficult decision. Personally I think the league leader in receiving yards should push a Porsche. Just seems to fit that guy. Its got speed. Its flashy. Peak performance. Just like B Marsh. But on the other hand a Rolls Royce is the cream of the crop. The number 1. Best of the best. So when Brandon Marshall leads the league in receiving, he should drive nothing but the best. Its a coin flip. I’ll leave it up to a vote for you guys:

Maybe he doesnt even take AB up on the Double R? Maybe hes like thanks but no thanks I dont even want it. Or maybe he takes the Rolls Royce and trashes it. Make a video of him destroying Brown’s custom whip? Maybe he just gives it away? Just give it to Devin Smith like “Here, you can have this. Its Antonio Brown’s.” Lot of directions you can go once win this bet.

And I love the Bears fans and the Chicago minions who want nothing more in life than to see B Marsh melt down acting like this bet is his Black Cloud poisoning the Jets locker room. Did you see Brandon Marshall make a completely harmless video challenging another receiver to a contest?? What a CANCER. Brandon Marshall is trying to beat the competition?? BLACK CLOUD. This it it! The beginning of the end! As I’ve said a thousand times – I know Brandon Marshall is prone to off the field drama. I know at some point he’ll probably be a headache. But it hasnt happened yet, and as long as he performs like he did last year, it will take a MAJOR headache for me to even care. The Jets landed a top 5 receiver for a 5th round pick. The amount of drama that he needs to spark in order for that to not be considered a fantastic deal is almost immeasurable. So I know Bears fans want more than anything for B Marsh to melt down and ruin the Jets but you can’t just keep taking every thing he says and does and say “This is it! Its about to begin! Jets fans dont even know what we’re in store for!” We know exactly what we are potentially in store for, and if he actually does something thats noteworthy and negative, we’ll be prepared for it. But until then you cant just nitpick everything the guy does and say its negative in order to fit your Black Cloud story line.