Ed Snowden Says NSA Can Easily Trace DNC Leak Back To The Source (Russia)


So traitor Ed Snowden took to twitter this week to chime in on the DNC leaks. He is, after all, a NSA vet and has built (ruined) his entire life on exposing secret techniques and truths about the agency. So even though he’s a traitor, he knows what he’s talking about in this field.

Ahh good old #XKEYSCORE. Of course #XKEYSCORE makes it easy. DUH! Look I don’t know what 90% of what Snowden says means and neither do you, but when he says we can easily trace who hacked the DNC, we can easily trace who hacked the DNC. And the experts agree (Business Insider):

Cybersecurity experts generally agree with Snowden’s assessment of the NSA — they say the agency likely does possess evidence of any Russian involvement, but there are numerous reasons for the government to keep that knowledge secret.

“It is actually very reasonable to conclude that the NSA does know the answer to this question without any real ambiguity,” Alex McGeorge, head of threat intelligence at the Miami-based cybersecurity firm Immunity Inc., told Business Insider.

So what does it all mean, Basil? It means anything is possible. And in terms of global diplomatic implications, “anything” being possible is not good. That means you want to keep “everything” quiet. As quiet as possible. No one really knows what the fuck is going on. Was it Russia this time? Sure, probably. But it’s Russia today, China tomorrow, and Hugh Jackman in Swordfish getting a blowie from that smokeshow the following day. And they’re all framing, hacking, and deceiving each other at the same time. Think of the classic Russian double agent — hacking is like an entire army of double, triple, quadruple, quintuple agents running around (typing at their keyboards) stealing, lying, and deceiving different governments and agencies and then making it look like 10 other sources did the hacking.

The NSA isn’t a political organization. Their goal is to be as uninvolved as possible. They’re just a bunch of dorks like Snowden doing dorky shit and fighting off a million cyber-Russians at a time. If they publish that Russia hacked the DNC, the narrative becomes “Russia wants Trump as president — vote for Hillary!” That narrative reverberates not just domestically, but internationally and begins to strain relationships all over. Next thing you know Slick Willy’s on the next flight over to smooth things over with Putin’s mistresses and now look what you’ve done, NSA.

So instead they do exactly what they’re doing — stay quiet. Did Russia hack the DNC? “Eh, maybe.” Did someone else hack the DNC? “Eh, maybe.” It’s not what the people want but it’s what the people need. The NSA is not in the business of pleasing the people — the NSA is in the business of deciding what is good for the people, because they know everything about the people, which is what Snowden taught us.


PS — Russia definitely hacked the DNC. Surprised they don’t want Hillary to win — So hackable, Russia’d basically have an ethernet cord connected straight to the Oval Office.

PPS — HOF cast for this scene.