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Not Even Jay Z Is Above Getting Forced To Take Ridiculous Instagrams Of His Girl

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It’s a tale as old as time itself. If you’ve ever been out with your girlfriend anywhere, she’s asked you to take a picture. Take her picture with the cute doggy, take her picture with her brunch, take her picture while her and her friend link arms and drink champagne. A boyfriend is little more than a photographer to follow a girl around. It’s kind of like a more modern take on the carrying her bags while shopping: you’ll roll your eyes and loudly sigh, so you can kind of keep the glimmer of masculinity alive by letting her know you’re not happy about it, but you’re goddamn right you’re going to oblige.



But next time you’re asked and think, “What the fuck, man? This isn’t what I signed up for,” just remember that Sean Carter is doing the same motherfucking thing. One of the greatest rappers in history isn’t above it so you damn well better not think you are. In fact, maybe take a lesson from Jay here and get into it. Go all photographer on her. Arch that back, direct her a little bit. Tell her to rock a bit of a lean and “Get Sasha Fierce, girl,” or whatever, I don’t know, I assume photographers say shit like that. If Hov can sack up and rip that X Pro II filter then maybe it’s time you stop pretending it’s such an incredible burden. Ugly girls don’t ask for pictures to be taken of them, so count yourself lucky you bagged a good one.