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A Taxi Driver Putting Up A Sign Banning People From Farting In His Cab Is A Ridiculous Move

via /r/nyc/

When you enter a cab in New York City, both the driver and passenger are agreeing to an unwritten contract. The driver will do his best to get you to your location as quick as possible, regardless of concern for your safety or well-being. In return, you promise not to be too much of a douchebag in the backseat and if you can help it, not throw up everywhere if you are drunk. But nowhere in that contract is there any kind of promise about clenching your butt cheeks to hold in farts until the ride is over. Passengers letting farts fly in a taxi is like the drivers wearing deodorant. Strictly optional.

Also a quick tip to the driver of this cab. If you make a sign that is missing four A’s in it, that sign is invalid in any English-speaking country. Same with lumping in dogs with goats. Show some awareness of your surroundings one time for me.