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Sarah Silverman Dropped a "Baba Booey" During Her Speech At The DNC

Like every important speech in the Nation’s history, a Howard Stern reference was dropped last night at the Democratic National Convention. Some speeches make you think, make you feel, really move you…and Silverman drops a Baba Booey. I love it, just completely epitomizes the circus that national conventions are. Could not be more perfect. Coming off the heels of the RNC, the DNC had to really step it’s game up and prove they can put on a show just as well as the republicans. And they are off to a hot start. They have 50 foot Bernie Blunts

and now Sarah Silverman dropping Baba Booeys in her speech. And this kids, is how we choose who we want to be the next president of the United States.


PS: Not to be outdone, Tim Kaine has to drop some Junkies lingo into his speech. “I’m butt cised to accept the silly bazilly nomination for vice president of the United States”.