In Honor Of Greg Jennings Retiring, Let's Revisit The Time He Scored On A Broken Leg...In Madden

FUCK YOU GUMBY! Sure, Greg Jennings may have put together a stellar, 10-year career which involved numerous accolades, pro-bowls, and a Super Bowl championship. But I think we can all agree this may very well be the highlight of his NFL career. Only T.O. in a Super Bowl has put out that kind of effort on a broken leg in real-life. Fake Greg Jennings just put his team on his back and will forever be remembered for his effort. If only video game Darren Sharper was more realistic and carrying his Chloroform then maybe Jennings would’ve been taken down at the 1. Still though, it’s of the greatest Madden clips to ever come out of the game. Second only to the pure video game rage that was this madman losing his Super Bowl on a last second safety. Talk about your all-time conniption.

Even a video game won’t let the Browns be successful.

We’ve all been there. Video game anger is the definition of seeing red. Anything that happens during that 30 seconds of blackout rage can be defended in court as temporary insanity. I still remember when I was kid and the power went out right when we were about to lay the final blow on Shadow Link in the Water Temple. Entire level unsaved. I come out of the blackout with a bar of soap in my mouth while kneeling in the doorway cause I let out a “CUNT FUCK” that could be heard in space. But this guy has to realize any sense of realism goes out the window when you have the Browns in the Super Bowl and Kevin Kolb as a starting QB. Plus there’s a better chance of Chris Gocong spiking himself in the dick than making anything close to that good of a play. What a great “hybrid” guy he turned out to be out of that D-IAA school in Cali. Thanks again, Andy Reid.