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Reality Star Jon Gossellin Is Doing Fantastic For Himself...Just Kidding He's Working Part Time As A Cook At A Lancaster TGI Fridays


ET - The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star tells ET’s Jennifer Peros that while his full-time job is DJing — he has a residency at the Building 24 night club in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania — he took a part-time gig at the restaurant chain “maybe a month and a half ago,” because he likes to cook, and to help out a buddy. “I only work there 8 hours a week, because I like to do it,” Gosselin, 39, shares. “Why can’t I work at a restaurant? I like to cook.” “My buddy needed help so I said OK, why not,” he adds of how he got started working on the kitchen line. “I’ll sautee!” Jon Gosselin Explains Why He Worked at TGI Friday’s: ‘I’m Passionate About Cooking’ Gosselin lasted a month before a photo of him working in the kitchen was leaked on Wednesday. “I see the picture and I’m wondering who leaked it,” he says. “They don’t really understand how it works. How many people it affects and the chain reaction.” Thankfully, the reality star has plenty of experience with the media cycle and knows it just keeps moving. “Today I’m a headline, tomorrow someone else screws up in Hollywood, and I’m off the front page,” he says, noting, “But I didn’t screw up this time, I’m just working.” Since leaving the TLC show, Gosselin has faced endless scrutiny over his choices and continues to, even though he doesn’t quite understand why. “They think I’m a joke,” he says of the public’s opinion of him. “I didn’t do anything to be a joke! All I did was have eight kids and raise them on television. But then I quit. I partied for six months after that and they’re going to hinge my whole life existence on six months of making appearances so I could pay my attorney fees during my divorce?”

Sick life, brah. But, hey, you know what? Good for this dude for not giving a single fuck and owning up the disaster that is his life. This man went from making guaranteed cake for simply being a father to “Yeah, I work as a cook at a TGI Fridays. So fucking what?” Well done. The only question I have is Gosselin says he has an, and I quote, “Passion for cooking”, but has decided to fulfill his dreams at a TGI Fridays. Talk about shootin’ for the stars at a chain restaurant where he could deep fry his own dick, serve it as a mozzarella stick (or eggroll if we’re being realistic), and nobody would be the wiser. The only worthwhile person who would consider that part time gig as a win in life is notable TGI Fridays enthusiast, Allen Iverson. In fact, let’s revisit this old wive’s tale about The Answer and his favorite place in the entire world. This fake Allen Iverson story could be so true in an instant, so let’s just roll with it again.


Brilliant. Legitimate media outlets all over the place have been fell for this quote and I don’t blame them. It’s The Answer to a T. This is the same man who bought a wardrobe for EVERY SINGLE ROAD GAME and just left his new clothes in the each city. That’s 41 games plus playoffs every year. Even if A.I. wasn’t the second worst drunken blackjack player in the world (I somehow top that leader-board) he’d still be broke. So there’s no doubt in my mind he’d drop $40K on a gaggle of whores at TGI Friday’s. The Answer has wasted away more on less.