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A Woman Faces Life In Prison After Impersonating An Ex's Pregnant Wife To Post Craigslist Rape Fantasy Ads About Her

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The Daily Beast – A California woman is charged with stalking and impersonating her ex-boyfriend’s pregnant wife—responding on Craigslist ads soliciting “rape fantasies” and threatening her unborn child, prosecutors claim.

Michelle Suzanne Hadley, 29, of Ontario, faces life in prison for charges that include six felony counts of attempted forcible rape. Cops cuffed Hadley twice this summer for allegedly harassing the mother-to-be and sending men to attack her.

The petition includes a cache of post-breakup emails peppered with strange Biblical references by Hadley and her accusations that the U.S. Marshal [ex-boyfriend, who is unnamed] sexually assaulted her. In the filing, the federal agent accuses Hadley of blackmail and drinking away her problems.

“She frequently tells me ‘I fucking hate you’ and insults my manhood and sexuality,” he wrote in the document. He added, “most of our arguments end with [Hadley] self-medicating with an entire bottle of wine.”


And this anecdote seems to sum up the rest of the issues at hand with this Hadley woman:


One Sept. 10, 2015 missive [from Hadley] even had “Gone Girl” as the subject line.

“You know exactly how God, the Word of God, the Spirit of God are involved with the condo. We both do,” Hadley rants, according to court papers.

“Your end will come, and you will relinquish the keys to the earth,” she continues. “Earth is mine, and the title deed to earth belongs to me… There will be no resolution outside of court unless you are willing to bow before the Lord your God. If you are not, then prepare yourself Satan. So let it be written. So let it be done.”

The deputy [ex-boyfriend] replies at one point, “I am not sure how God, the Bible, or again, my childhood, has any relevance to the condo and mortgage.”


If you’re going to be a participant in a news story about your ex allegedly setting up fake Craigslist ads to have guys act out rape fantasies on your pregnant wife, getting a quality smug burn you hit her with in there too has to help ease the pain juuuuust a little bit. But out of all the crazy things an ex can do, I can’t imagine topping this one. I mean yeah she could have killed the wife or the both of them but that’s the kind of crime of passion that happens all the time. The Craigslist-rape angle is not as common of occurrence. It’s such an evil, hurtful kind of revenge that you’ve got to be really fucked in the head to even think of it, let alone perpetrate it. KFC has talked a lot about “pre crime” before and this is like that, except it’s with the actual crime. Even if this weren’t the type of crime that gets you a life sentence, it pretty much should get that treatment because any person who thinks “The solution to my problems is getting that pregnant lady sexually assaulted” is simply not ever going to have much to offer the world at large.


In her defense, Hadley’s father claims this is all an elaborate setup by the US Marshal ex-boyfriend because she claims he’d been abusive previously and that he also had her email password. But prosecutors and police say it’s an open and shut case against Hadley so let’s think more about the conspiracy theory angle only if we find out it’s a full-fledged reverse Gone Girl in a court of law.