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The 2016 Yankees Are Just A Bad Ex

ex-girlfriend-meme-13On Sunday morning I wrote a blog on this very site that was an open letter to Yankees management, begging them to sell before the deadline. I was ready to move on from the 2016 season because I could see that we were in bad place and there were other seasons in the sea. This was the break we both needed and even though we would still see each other from time to time (I need to film Stadium Eats still) there was going to be no commitment. That’s until just like any ex, the 2016 season has come back doing some freaky stuff and I’m right back in.

That’s really the story of this season. It started off sexy and we weren’t sure where things were going to go but after the honeymoon of the first week was over, we saw who they really were. Within a few weeks the 2016 season got so comfortable that late April just turned into one big open door shit. We decided we had enough, a bunch of times, but just when we were ready to go the 2016 season surprised us with metaphorical lingerie (flowers for our lady readers). Walk-off wins. It’s been an up and down road but after some time away during the All-Star break and seeing that as soon as we were together again, things were ugly, Sunday was time to break things off. However, here we sit 4 days later having won 4 games in a row, thinking maybe it’s time to get back together.

The Yankees are 2 games above .500 for the first time since April 12th and within 6 games of the division and 5 games of the Wild Card meaning that we have no idea how the rest of the month is going to go. It’s not in my nature to cheer against the Yankees but selling is what makes sense in the long run, so these wins could be a bad thing. At the same time though, what if we keep this run going? What if the Yankees finally figured out how to put together a complete game? Our starters aren’t going out and throwing shutouts, but with the bullpen we have we only need 6 solid innings to get a win. Mix in an offense that is finding ways to manufacture runs and this is what a winning baseball team looks like.

Just like getting back to with any ex, you’re scoring a lot at first but that can stop any minute, and likely will. I’m going to stay excited about this run, but need to see 3 of our next 4 games be wins before I declare the Yankees back. Until then I still want Cashman listening to offers.