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I Don't Care If You've Seen It, Pikachu Flipping The Bird At The Phillies Game Deserves An Encore

Jordie blogged this last night and Pikafucku has caught on like wildfire since. And for the right reasons. It’s a first ballot, HOF GIF. Hands down. I’ve been looking at it all day like a Goddamn 3D Magic Poster. Toss it up there in the rafters already with the other winners that’ll go down with the all-time greats like these below. Time for a little Wednesday Afternoon GIF City with my top 5 other fav GIFS of all time off the top of my head because, fuck it. It’s more fun and entertaining than a filler blog.





UPDATE: I should be taken behind a woodshed and shot for not including these two A+ GIFS. My apologies. Carry on.