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New Way To Leave Voicemails For This Week's Episode

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Plagiarism! Milo! Erika Nardini! Kim, Kanye and Taylor, oh my! A lot has been going on for a week in the middle of July. Call us up 646-807-8665. Talk about any of those topics or whatever you’d like. Questions, hypotheticals, cries for help, advice for life. Whatever you need, we got you covered.

So you can call do it old school and call the Google voice number, or you can download the new app, Anchor and talk to us that way. Think of Anchor as basically an audio version of Twitter. It allows you to leave short audio messages. Like 140 characters but out loud. So I put up a new Anchor post for everyone to reply to. If you download Anchor and follow me, you can reply to that message with your “voicemail.” You can reply to other people’s replies as well. So it basically just becomes a string of audio conversations. Its high quality audio and we can easily download the entire string of messages. Much more 2016 than calling an answering machine.

Give it a try. Take a second to download it and hopefully going forward I can exclusively use this for KFC Radio.