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I Can't Fault This Chinese Groom For Continuing To Drive His Scooter After His New Bride Fell Off The Back

You know what I learned from this video? Once you are a member of scooter life, nothing else matters. Even your new bride. Especially if your new bride was an arranged marriage. Do they do arranged marriages over in China? I feel like they do. Anyway, China is definitely one of those countries where you have to keep your eyes in front of you at all times. Kinda like being a fish in the ocean. Vehicles, robbers, wild animals all just ready to take you out at any given time, regardless of what size fish you are. Just keep swimming like Dory says. And I’m pretty sure the “Until death do you part” thing can be skirted around in China just like Jon Snow did with the Night’s Watch. The Chinese streets, or at least the guy that stopped to help, has her now. Time to pawn off that new wedding ring, upgrade your scooter parts, and find a new wife. Whether that is through a friend, at a bar, or another Chinese bride falls off the back of someone else’s scooter.