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Stephen Colbert Brought Back His "Colbert Report" Character And "The Word" For A Hot 6 Minutes

Man do I miss that brilliant satire. I know The Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert has been struggling with ratings. I get this dumbed down world would rather get off to trite bits of Jimmy Fallon playing stupid games with celebrities or James Cordon doing carpool karaoke. Sadly, people don’t want the substance that intelligent people like Stephen Colbert provide on a national scale. That’s why the man should say, fuck it, and bring back his The Colbert Report character that was easily one of the funniest, smartest, and most creative efforts seen on TV in recent memory, if ever. I was a big The Daily Show guy growing up and respected Stephen Colbert’s work before he got his own show. I remember watching The Colbert Report the first night it aired and, I’m not gonna lie, I said to myself “Well, that was a good try. Dude will be back with Jon Stewart in a couple months. Obviously I couldn’t have been more wrong. It took awhile for the character and show to become icons, but man oh man, both became more funny, genius and influential than anyone could have imaged. I legitimately learned more about Campaign Finance Reform and Super PACs from that show than anywhere else in the media, and stuff like that isn’t funny, it’s important. Below was my first “Wow” moment with The Colbert Report. The way he mousetraps the politician into a hypocritical corner takes both brains and balls, and that’s what Colbert’s got. Smart and grande juevos. The man is just too smart.

And here we have arguably Colbert’s best episode of The Colbert Report ever. In 23 minutes he castrates Donald Trump (back in 2012 no less), puts sensational news on notice, and makes MULTIPLE rape jokes. Eat your heart out, KO Barstool, if you still exist. It’s all certified genius. MUST WATCH: