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Wild Boar Terrorizes A Beach In Poland And Truck Sticks Two Full Grown Men



Add it to the list of reason why going to the beach is awful




2. Not a bar


3. Sun burn and how it turns everything into hell on earth (sleeping, showering, drying off, living)


4. Sharks




Just when people think they have everything for a day at the beach, the beach throws them a curve ball. People bring towels, sun screen and booze. What else do you need? Well you’re gonna need something for the wild boars that come sprinting out of the ocean apparently. And for those two guys who got truck-sticked by the boar, have you never seen Zombieland? Don’t be a hero. Get the fuck outta the way when a wild boar is coming at you. They tried to fight it off like they had boar fighting experience. Everybody seemed to be trying to wrestle with the boar. Step aside and let the boar do boar things until it’s tired. Then attack. Score another point for people who hate beaches. We stay winning.