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The Guy Who Climbs Everything Without Ropes And Dangles Over Cliffs Is Legitimately Nuts


What the fuck, James Kingston? What the fuck. As everyone knows, I’m a bit of an extreme athlete myself, but things like this catch me completely off guard. I was scrolling through Instagram today and came across this fella, and I have to let him know, you don’t have to do that. It’s cool, we get it, you’re a bad boy, but this shit is unnecessary


Come on dude, just use both hands, nobody likes a showoff. Or better yet, just keep both feet on the ground like a normal person. You don’t need to go around free climbing 1,000 foot buildings and then letting go. Need a thrill? Just text and drive and nearly slam into the car ahead of you like the rest of us. Go into Baltimore and walk around the block looking for Pokemon after the sun sets. You don’t need to dangle by a finger nail off a skyscraper though. Yeeeesh.