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Now We Have A Guy On The Subway Eating Sushi Off Of An Ironing Board


The Summer of Weirdos rolls along! This one is wrong on so many levels. Again, eating ANYTHING in the subway is filthy and disgusting. In my mind, subway air is poison that our immune systems are able to handle just because they are used to it. But if you brought a man from the 1800s into the subway today, he probably dies just like all the Native Americans died from smallpox the settlers brought.

I thought coffee in a mason jar was bad, but that was apparently the tip of the iceberg. To eat sushi, raw fucking fish, underground is a whole different level of rotten. This is going to be the asshole that somehow spreads Zika to the subway and causes a worldwide pandemic. I’m terrified to see what creatures come out once the dog days of August hit.

And the fact this loony toon brought an ironing board with him tells me that this all was premeditated. Name me a jury that wouldn’t convict this guy and send him to the electric chair. You can’t.

UPDATE: Apparently this is from a couple of years ago. Point still stands. For all I know, he could be patient zero for Zika.

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