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A Casual Black Widow Spider In Your Grapes Can Ruin Anyone's Day

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WTOP - A New Hampshire woman said she recently lived her “worst nightmare” after finding a spider, which she believed to be a black widow, inside a container of organic grapes.

Jennifer Rydeen, 42, said she made the “creepy-crawly” discovery Sunday after her husband bought a package of Anthony’s Organic red seedless grapes from a Market Basket grocery store in Epping, New Hampshire, she told ABC News.

“As I washing some of the grapes in bunches, I noticed there were some cobwebs,” Rydeen said. “I started getting a little paranoid since I’ve heard stories about spiders in grapes, so I picked up the bin and there it was: a big, huge black widow spider at the bottom of the container.” Rydeen said she and her family believed the spider was a black widow because of the red markings on its belly, which her husband caught on video and photos.

“I buy organic a lot, so I’ve seen and expect little bugs here and there, but this gigantic, alive spider was much scarier,” Rydeen said.

“I screamed at my husband to please kill it,” she added with a laugh. Rydeen’s husband took the spider in the container out to their home’s deck and killed it by stepping on it, she said.

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Who the fuck needs organic grapes? What the fuck is a free range grape? Grapes are grapes, dude. There’s absolutely no difference between a grape and an organic grape. They all just grow on vines and then you buy them and toss them into the air and catch them in your mouth. That’s the life of every single grape ever. So Jennifer Rydeen, you reap what you sow when you try to fancy pants your ass off and buy organic grapes. Sometimes you’re gonna get a black widow spider mixed into the bunch. That’s just par for the course. If you buy zebra cakes you’re gonna be fat and happy, if you buy organic grapes you’re gonna be healthy and dead. Tis the life we live. And let this be a lesson- it’s a decent trade off to have a little bit of pesticide is on your grapes but you’re not a half second from being mauled to death by a spider.