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The First Case Of Zika Being Spread From Female-To-Male Sex Has Been Reported In New York City

NY Times- The first case of female-to-male sexual transmission of the Zika virus has been documented in New York City, raising the prospect that the disease could spread more widely beyond the countries where it is already endemic and largely transmitted by mosquitoes. For months, there has been growing concern about the dangers of sexual transmission, but until now the virus has been thought to pass only from men to women or between two men.

“This represents the first reported occurrence of female-to-male sexual transmission of Zika virus,” said a report issued on Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The evidence of a previously undocumented means of transmission is the latest twist in a viral outbreak that continues to baffle and surprise the world’s leading experts. It is forcing officials to rethink, once again, the guidance for health care providers and the general public on how to limit the danger of infection, as the pool of those who could be at risk widens.

Well we are all fucked now. Humanity had a decent run. A few highlights (football, iPhones, the internet) to go along with a ton of lowlights (the destruction of the planet, countless wars, etc.) I imagine whenever a disease hits New York City, shit just spreads like throwing gasoline on a fire. Either everyone’s getting Zika or nobody’s getting laid. And you aren’t keeping New Yorkers down when it’s hot and humid outside while chicks can wear white. In fact I’d say New York is the only place that could spread a disease worldwide quicker than an Olympics being held in Brazil. And trust me, I make that statement after watching the finest Mike In Brazil videos over the years. That’s just the kind of global reach and absolute smokeshows that NYC has at its disposal. Plus a goddamn army of rats that probably had ancestors that helped spread the bubonic plague and a subway system that always appears ripe to make an outbreak go viral. Can’t forget those factors.

And I know a lot of the bloggers on this site don’t believe in these wild diseases. But I’ve seen too many babies with those shrunken heads like Beetlejuice to ignore that shit. Zika going after babies is the easiest way to wipe humans off the map. Crazy to think that when Jurassic Park came out 20-something years ago, we thought that mosquitos could help us bring back dinosaurs from extinction. Instead mosquitos could be what makes humanity extinct. Extinction comes at you fast.

To be honest though, a Zika outbreak wiping out the entire human race wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world based on the way 2016 has been going. It’s kinda like rooting for the White Walkers to win the Game of Thrones just based on all the awful shit we have watched humans do. We just suck as a species sometimes.

Also not to sound dumb or sexist, but am I wrong in thinking that sex was always “male-to-female”? Just seems to like it’s the same as a car going through a tunnel, not the tunnel allowing the car to go through it.