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A Big Guy Arguing With A Customer Service Rep Got A Real Sick Burn On Her As She Kicked Him Out





Fuckin nailed it man, no way she’s recovering from that one. She may have her Jerk Store comeback the next day in the shower but now she’s just got to sit there and bathe in it with her breath kickin’ like Bruce Lee (the guy in the video can borrow that one next time he wants to ramp his grade schoo insult comedy up). But really what he didn’t realize is he also hit her with the perfect 2016 insult. According to the world we live in, if you’re angry you’re not allowed to tear someone down for their: Race, nationality, physical appearance, obesity, gender, career, earning potential, choice of mate, sexuality, preexisting medical conditions, or food preferences. So you’re pretty much left with either their choice of clothing or their breath. And the thing is that it doesn’t matter if this woman’s breath sucks or not…that little ding will eat away at her for months, non-stop hits of Listerine strips in her mouth like she’s addicted to LSD, breathing into her hand in the hopes this guy was just fucking with her out of frustration. This man may have ongoing insurance-based issues due to his berating of customer service reps but he still not only won the battle, he won the war.


Either way, glad to now have my Insult of the Year named to go along with my Comeback of the Year from a blog a few months back:



Something for the customer service lady to aspire to. You’ll get em next time, corpse breath.