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The Washington Valor Is A Sweet Ass Name For DC's New Arena Football Team

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WUSA - D.C. announced a new arena football team on Thursday. The new Arena Football l League team name will be the Washington Valor. The team’s colors will be red, white and blue to represent the nation’s capital. The team is scheduled to begin playing in 2017 at the Verizon Center.


Phenomenal job here, truly phenomenal. The name, the logo, the fact the Arena league is still kicking, I love all of it. Valor is such a sweet name for a team, especially when you consider the names that always get tossed around for new DC teams like Generals, Senators, Washingtonians, etc. The logo is top notch as well. So DC that it’s vote doesn’t matter. Sucks that I have to move to New York because I want to be the Valor’s biggest fan. I need them to sign some local guys like Sam Hollenbach or Marcus Vick to really kick this thing up a notch. All in on the Valor.

PS: Surprised Ted didn’t include this in his “Wizards had a great offseason” blog.

PS: Apparently there are 3 Pokemon teams- Valor, Mystics, and Instinct. DC now has 2 of the 3 as well. Your move, Danny Boy.