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DraftKings 3 Million Dollar Guaranteed Golf Contest With 1 Million For First Is LIVE

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Enjoy golf? Ever wanted to be a millionaire? Well today is your luck day, America. $33 to enter, 1 million dollars for first place. Pick 6 golfers and stay under the salary cap and next thing you know, bada boom, a million bucks in your pocket. My value pick? Bill Haas. Reason? None. Just like the cut of his jib. And you can’t teach that.

This week, DraftKings is inviting Stoolies to play in a 1-week fantasy golf contest during golf’s third major for the chance the win $1,000,000. All you have to do is draft a team on 6 golfers. The contest has $3,000,000 in prizes and a $1,000,000 first place prize! Also, over 22,000 scores will won money guaranteed so you don’t have to worry about beating everyone. Simply draft your team and collect your winnings Sunday night.