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Chris Russo Just Pissed Me Off By Saying 'Nobody In America Cares About Bartolo Colon Except For Mets Fans'

I respect Chris Russo. I recognize what he’s done throughout his career, but I watch this show every fuckin’ day, and it’s seriously the most self-destructive thing that I do throughout the week.

Takes like this — this is why the sports fans who are kind of on the fence about baseball say, ah, fuck it. I’ll play lacrosse, or baseball’s boring, or I’d rather watch a football game between two out of town teams than my own hometown baseball team. Baseball has long been conquered by the old, stuffy white guys who hate fun.

If you can watch that Bartolo Colon home run and not laugh, or at the very least SMILE, then I don’t want to know you. We wouldn’t get along, and probably have next to nothing in common. I’m not a Mets fan. In fact, the Mets gave my favorite team their most crushing defeat in team history. In addition to that, Bartolo Colon used to pitch for my favorite team, and when they asked him to pitch out of the bullpen in the postseason, he decided he was all set and just went home. All of those factors still in the equation, and YES, I still cared about Bartolo Colon hitting a home run, and YES, I thought it was fucking awesome.

Bartolo Colon is the common man. He’s the guy who baseball fans can look at on their TVs and be like, that could be me. He’s 43 years old, overweight, the fifth starter on one of the greatest rotations of all-time, and while it looks like he’s completely out of place, he belongs. He’s an All Star, he’s a cult hero in New York, and now he’s hitting home runs. But here comes the wet blanket, Chris Russo, telling everyone to calm down. Stop enjoying what will be one of the most memorable moments of the Mets’ 2016 season.

And he’s got a problem with an excited broadcaster going “way over the top” because the 43-year-old, overweight pitcher, who had never hit a home run in his 19-year career, went deep. That isn’t something to get excited about, according to Russo, and nobody outside of Mets fans cares that it happened. Give me a fucking break, man. To take a call from a broadcaster who said “this is one of the great moments in the history of baseball,” which it was in its own way, and then to compare Bartolo Colon’s regular season home run against the Padres to Kirk Gibson’s walk-off home run in the 1988 World Series is just stupid.

Takes like that are why we have hats like this.

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